Posted by: hepowers | September 28, 2009

Industry Canada’s CSR Site

I recently found a Canadian government web page discussing corporate social responsibility (CSR).  Within Industry Canada’s on line resources, businesses can find information to help establish programs, measure their effectiveness and perform benefit-cost analyses.

Beginning at their CSR home page, you can find a generous menu of useful information.  In the Diversity of Perspectives section, (found within the Overview icon), two Canadian and several international organizations list their views on what CSR is about.

Canadian Business for Social Responsibility holds the view that “CSR goes beyond good works such as volunteerism and charity” and they suggest the following initiatives for companies wishing to practice CSR:

  • employee relations
  • community development
  • environmental stewardship
  • international relationships
  • marketplace practices
  • fiscal responsibility and accountability

The site also mentions that the Conference Board of Canada is developing a self-assessment and benchmark guideline for companies to evaluate their CSR activities using the following criteria:

  • corporate governance and management practices
  • community involvement
  • human resource management practises
  • environment, health and safety
  • human rights

The site also provides a resources list including books, case studies, journals, conferences, and links to technology and financing assistance.


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