Posted by: hepowers | October 16, 2009

Vancouver 2010

I learned today that the Vancouver Olympic Committee, VANOC, has established sustainability objectives which are implemented into all of their business systems.

Here is their list of Sustainability Performance Objectives:

  • Accountability
  • Environmental Stewardship and Impact Reduction
  • Social Inclusion and Responsibility
  • Aboriginal Participation and Collaboration
  • Economic Benefits
  • Sport for Sustainable Living

Part of their socially responsible commitment was “to ensure that Olympic-related construction in the Vancouver area creates economic opportunities for inner-city residents and businesses.”

To implement this, several agencies are partnering with RONA, the ‘yes you can’ building supply store to provide construction skills training for inner-city citizens.  Between 2007 and the beginning of the Olympic games, training programs will have provided entry-level construction and carpentry skills to over two hundred citizens.

Another sponsor, Bell Canada, provided $2 million in funding to promote economic revitalization opportunities in the downtown core.  VANOC has also been using inner-city businesses and hiring area residents to provide necessary goods and services.

I think it is great that VANOC is being socially conscious during the preparations for this huge event.  But I will also be slightly cynical in posing the question: ‘If Vancouver was not hosting the Olympics, would these initiatives be going ahead?’  I like to think the answer is yes.

Here is a link to check out their Sustainability and Aboriginal Participation page.



  1. I think ideally, the answer would be yes.

    This is a great PR move on VANOC’s part when all eyes are on the city. And it’s creating a mutually beneficial relationship on all sides involved.

    I’m just not sure that if the city wasn’t in the spotlight they would be devoting their efforts to this type of initiative. But maybe I’m just cynical…

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