Posted by: hepowers | October 26, 2009

Body Shop Campaigns


It’s Video Day today.  Get your popcorn ready.

Here are four short videos from the Body Shop’s web page.  This company began with Dame Anita Roddick, a British believer in corporate responsibility.   From the beginning, the Body Shop marketed cruelty-free products but expanded their initiatives to include responsible sourcing for their ingredients (work with 25,000 farmers and producers world-wide), promoting well-being (includes staff volunteer programs), affecting social change (beginning in 1994 with domestic violence), and reducing environmental impact (renewable energy resources for 65% of UK stores).

Do you know any other cosmetic companies who have similar programs?  I’d like to hear about them.  Particularly with the influence that cosmetic companies have on tweens, teens and young adults, educating them about sustainable and ethical choices it is a great way to positively influence the values and ethics of our future decision-makers.

Visit the Body Shop’s web site to learn more.  Or you can check out their blog.



  1. I think Dame Anita Roddick was an amazing person. She proved you can care about the environment, human rights, the people who work for you, and the product you produce. She also seemed to have stayed well grounded with the burden of fame.

    Devorah Abrams Farmer

  2. I enjoyed the videos – the Body Shop has really thought through their messaging so well in comparison to all the other cosmetic companies around. I saw an interview with Anita Roddick a few years ago where she talked about taking a different path and how difficult and challenging it was initially. She built an amazing company.

  3. A brazilian brand, called Natura, has a similar approach and started out at around the same time the Body Shop did…

    • Thanks for the information! I also heard this morning about a company called Lush which sounds very similar. I look forward to finding out more about each of these companies.

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