Posted by: hepowers | November 18, 2009

Global Corruption Report 2009

In case you’ve been wondering how corrupt your country is or how it compares to the corruption of other countries – I found out today there is an annual corruption report done by Transparency International (TI).

Their web site states “Transparency International, the global civil society organisation leading the fight against corruption, brings people together in a powerful worldwide coalition to end the devastating impact of corruption on men, women and children around the world.  TI’s mission is to create change towards a world free of corruption.”  How socially responsible is that?

Established in 1993, TI includes 90 chapters with representatives from “government, civil society, business and the media to promote transparency in elections, in public administration, in procurement and in business. TI’s global network of chapters and contacts also use advocacy campaigns to lobby governments to implement anti-corruption reforms.”

TI has an abundance of informative reports and publications for downloading.  The Global Corruption Report (annually from 2001 to 2009), “ features more than 75 experts examining the scale, scope and devastating consequences of corporate corruption. This is complemented by 46 in-depth country reports along with best practices and practical recommendations. The GCR is a flagship yearly publication from TI that compiles expert research and analysis from around the world with a thematic focus related to corruption.”  The TI website also features the Global Corruption Barometer (annually from 2004 to 2009) which surveyed 73,000 people from 69 countries where half of the respondents indicated they’d be willing to pay more for doing business with corruption-free companies.

Transparency International defines corruption as ‘the abuse of entrusted power for private gain’ which sounds to me like the opposite of corporate social responsibility.  For an organization to be socially responsible, they need to think beyond their own needs and initiate beneficial actions outside of their boundaries.  Is there an organization like TI which annually reports on global social responsibility?  It might make for enjoyable reading after the Global Corruption Report.

In case you fellow Canucks were wondering, Canada was not included in the report.  But the United States ranked 18th out of 180.  Hmmmm – preserving that honest Canadian stereotype feels pretty good eh?





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