Posted by: hepowers | November 25, 2009

National Geographic’s Center for Sustainable Destinations

National Geographic has set up a foundation to ‘protect the world’s distinctive places through wisely managed tourism and enlightened destination stewardship.’  Their web site has great videos, none of which I managed to present here, but if you visit the site you’ll find them.

You will also find explanations and examples of sustainable tourism (avoids ‘loving a place to death syndrome’) and geotourism which ‘adds to sustainability principles by building on a destination’s geographical character, its “sense of place,” to emphasize the distinctiveness of its locale and benefit visitor and resident alike.’

There are a lot of cool things going on at this foundation’s web site including competitions, scorecards, upcoming events, global impact map and tips of the month.  Montreal is mentioned as having unveiled its first Urban Geotourism Map Guide.

Have a look – good information to be found and as to be expected with National Geographic – great visuals.



  1. This is great! There are a lot of us out there who believe that geotourism can be done in such a way that creates responsible stewardship of fragile natural destinations. We’re happy to see this trend grow! See our article about it here:

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