Posted by: hepowers | November 30, 2009

Give a Goat for Christmas!

A new goat provided through World Vision


Tomorrow is December 1st and I need to get going on my Christmas shopping.  This year numerous brochures have appeared in the mail suggesting socially responsible gifts that help people truly in need.  Goats for $100, or two hens and a rooster for $55 for instance.

Agencies who are offering this type of program include World Vision, Plan Canada, and Oxfam.  On each of their web sites you’ll find a large selection of practical and life-changing gifts which they will deliver to many countries around the globe.

Last year my brother-in-law and his wife asked that no one give them gifts but instead donate to one of three charities that they had researched.  This year I’m asking that the family visit these web sites and choose a useful item rather than give me a new something.  The benefits of school supplies, stocking a clinic, fruit trees or restoring a child soldier will create many happy people rather than one – me – receiving a traditional North American gift.  And hey – no one will need to find a parking space at the mall!


















  1. Goats are a great boost to families in developing countries. They require little maintenance and can be watched and tended to by the children. The goats provide milk for nourishment, as well as offspring which can be sold for additional household income.

    Did you hear about the “Goat Canucks Goat” initiative by hockey fan Joel Nagtegaal in Vancouver? Interesting news story resulting in 3,000 goats being donated to rural families in Kenya. See it at

  2. […] 14, 2009 in Uncategorized Helen Powers’ recent blog post about buying goats for Christmas reminded me of an interesting event that happened this past […]

    • Thanks Madeline for the link and this great goat story. I think many people like to help good causes but sometimes need help in choosing which one to help. Finding out about causes like this through a celebrity’s decision seems to have focused lots of other people.

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