Posted by: hepowers | December 17, 2009

Demand Influencing Supply

McMaster University Campus (image from Mac's website)

This morning the Hamilton Spectator features an article about McMaster University’s goal to become more sustainable in its operating procedures. Two of their suppliers, Grand & Toy and Buntin Reid, have changed the packaging and delivery of office supplies to meet the university’s expectations.

Gordon Brown is Grand & Toy’s director of logistics and explained it this way: “They challenged us and we came up with a better mousetrap.”  Grand & Toy will send Mac’s office supplies in bags and totes which will be returned for re-use after each delivery.  This means an elimination of 10,000 cardboard boxes a year!

Buntin Reid has a new contract with Mac to deliver office paper in bulk, on skids, rather than in packaged bundles.  Reducing deliveries to twice a week will diminish the university’s carbon footprint by two tons a year.

The article states that according to Brown, ‘Large clients in centralized locations such as university campuses and office towers are asking for more efficient packaging and deliveries and the industry is responding.’  Maybe organizations will have extra incentive when they find out that Mac is saving $2.3 million with these two contracts.



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  2. Hi Helen,

    I’m not sure if you knew this, but the sustainability project that led to the Grand & Toy contract was actually one of the team projects for the Certificate in Advanced Leadership & Management (CALM).

    CALM is a custom training program that McMaster University commissioned the McMaster University Centre for Continuing Education to develop. CALM uses active learning concepts, like the team projects, to reinforce the knowledge and skills presented in the classroom and make them more immediately applicable in the workplace.

    (Full disclosure: I work for the Centre for Continuing Education as the Marketing Manager. I was not involved in the development of CALM, but involved solely as the Centre’s communications person.)

    • I did not know that Christine and I think it’s a great idea to give students hands-on experience rather than just theory. I’m looking forward to my own hands on community project this spring in the public relations program.

      Thanks for commenting.

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