Posted by: hepowers | January 15, 2010

Evergreen – Imagine Your City With Nature

Rendering of Evergreen Gardens in summer. (Claude Cormier architectes with Ferruccio Sardella.)

Evergreen has brought nature and Canadian urban folk closer together through programming in three main areas: school properties, community / public spaces and home properties.  Educational publications, workshops, planting sessions and grants are some of the tools they use to encourage the transformation of concrete and asphalt into viable green spaces.

Check out their community guide books and fact sheets to find out, among many topics, how to build a pond garden, community food gardens or how to get involved in urban planning to protect existing natural areas.  The research and case studies provide both free downloads and an opportunity to purchase hard copies of documents outlining a variety of projects within Canada.

Evergreen has offices in Vancouver (since 1995) and Toronto (since 1991).  In Toronto, work is underway for their new headquarters, Evergreen Brick Works.  This unique property was the site of a brick factory from 1889 until 1984 within the lower Don Valley watershed.  In 2002, an idea began to transform the derelict property into a learning opportunity for Evergreen. This year, construction will be complete and the property will open ‘as Canada’s first large-scale environmental community centre—a national centre for hands-on action that explores how we can create more sustainable cities.’

Evergreen provides the inspiration, tools, resources and funding for turning hard-core urban monotony into sustainable and life-giving places.  If you want to naturalize your city, let them show you how.

Steel going up. Photo: Craig Boyko.


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