Posted by: hepowers | February 5, 2010

Seventh Generation

It’s a video day at Socially Responsible Thoughts, featuring two advertisements from Seventh Generation, a company vastly dedicated to a healthy planet.

Their very informative website highlights a wide range of items including paper products, disinfectants, perfume / dye free cleaners and laundry soap with no petroleum products.  Until today I didn’t know any laundry soap used petroleum products.  Their site says ‘if every household in the US replaced just one bottle of 100 oz 2x ultra petroleum- based liquid laundry detergent with our 100 oz 2x plant-derived product, we could save 466,000 barrels of oil – enough to heat and cool 26,800 US homes for a year.’  Wow.

They also have a line of baby- focused products including chlorine free diapers, wipes and training pants.  This next advertisement features one of their happy little customers encouraging you to crawl to Washington to demand that the government pass a law to eliminate dangerous chemicals in household cleaners.  It’s cute…and short.


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