Posted by: hepowers | March 5, 2010

Socially Responsible Shopping

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Earlier in the year I wrote about the challenge of being a consumer who wants to make responsible choices.  Many polls indicate shoppers have the desire but are often missing the information to base their choices on.  Standing in the shop aisles or facing your on-line web store, how to tell which products are best sourced, made and distributed? Is there an app for that?  I wish!

This isn’t an exclusive list by any means, but to offer some assistance, I’ve compiled the following list of websites which you may find useful. If you know of more, please let me know and I’ll add them.

  • Green People:  The ‘world’s largest directory of eco-friendly and holistic health products.’  This site lists companies and links around the globe in the categories of health food stores, beauty products, pet supplies, baby products, organic food, home & garden, organic lifestyle, wellness/holistic, healthy Kosher food, vegan, CSA’s/buying clubs, eco-travel, vegetarian restaurants, events, non-profits, media and business to business.
  • Grass Roots:  ‘Grassroots offers environmentally-friendly products that allow people to make positive choices for themselves, their communities and the planet. ‘This on-line store features products in the following categories: home decor & entertaining, games & toys, stationary & office supplies, solar & alternative power, air & water filters, household necessities, natural cleaners, baby & mama, personal care and bed & bath.
  • Good Guide:  ‘Find safe, healthy and green products’ and you can also become a member to ‘Find the best products, share with your friends, and create personalized lists based on what’s most important to you.’  The site is set up with categories in food, personal care, cleaning products and toys and they are looking for suggestions of new categories to add.  Also interesting here is the opportunity to see reviews and ingredients of popular brands like L’Oreal, Dove, Maybelline etc.
  • American Environmental Health Foundation:  ‘AEHF is a nonprofit organization founded to provide research and education into Chemical Sensitivity.’ Their website offers a store of products and company profiles of the twenty manufacturers whose products they recommend to create a more chemical- free environment at home, school and work.
  • Tree Hugger:  ‘What you’ll find here is a carefully-selected, curated list of five of the best options available to you that combine TreeHugger’s sleek, modern, non-hippie aesthetic with low-impact, earth-friendly designs and materials.’  In the categories of desks & workstations, dining chairs, large-wheel folding bikes, laptop computers, desk chairs, small-wheel folding bikes, dining tables, sofas/love seats, desk top computers, men’s & women’s casual shoes, women’s jeans and men’s jeans/casual pants.  This site also contains ‘How to Go Green’ guidelines for everything from cocktails, dorm rooms and Halloween plus oodles of green topic resources.
  • Mashable:  Last fall, Mashable created a list of ten recommended websites explaining, ‘These sites will help you learn more about the things you’re purchasing and the places you’re buying from, and even give back to the community and the environment just by shopping.’

So, have fun checking out these shopping resources and let me know of new ones to add!


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