Posted by: hepowers | March 12, 2010

Mabel’s Labels

Here in Hamilton, Ontario there is a cool company called Mabel’s Labels. They make bionic labels which can survive dishwashers, microwaves and being run over by vehicles – you need to see their You Tube test videos to get that. Their labels are amazingly tough, cute and useful and will keep your children’s belongings from entering the black hole of lost stuff.

Mabel’s Label’s website states that green is their favourite colour, reflecting their committment to minimal packaging and waste, Paperless Fundraisers, energy conservation and electronic communications.  They are also proud that their ‘eco-friendly products help families reuse items, reduce consumption and save resources, particularly when it comes to labeling litterless lunches for school.’

This month, Mabel’s is sponsoring a blogging contest and what follows is my entry.  The hypothetical writing challenge? An electrical storm is going to wipe out the internet tomorrow, possibly forever.  I need 300 words to explain what passions I would write about with the time remaining.  The contest winner gets a one year gig as Mabel’s official blogger and a trip to BlogHer in NYC this August. How cool is that? Well, here goes.

Loosing the internet? Nooooo! Thinking about it makes me feel like a junkie about to go into withdrawal. What would I do with the time left until my last fix? Would I write or would I plan?

My creative side would write dramatic, heart-felt farewells to all the great people I communicate with. I would say how helpful, funny and inspiring they have been and how much they would be missed. I would print my favourite tweets, blogs and bookmarks…although what good would the bookmarks be without web access? And because I can never get enough eye candy, I would save beautiful web pages and images.

To fulfill my social and environmental side, I would download my list of organizations who operate with social responsibility because that is who I prefer to do business with.

But then, the organization-freak side of my brain would kick in and plan a to-do list:

  • get the snail mail addresses, phone and fax numbers of those web-based friends
  • negotiate a significant long-distance phone discount to replace my frequent emails
  • pay my library fees so I can borrow research books again
  • switch my utility bills from electronic to snail mail statements (hmmm, maybe not)
  • find out what channel the Weather Network is on
  • find my Yellow Pages
  • buy new road maps or be lost without Google maps
  • order subscriptions to newspapers and magazines
  • take my cook books out of storage because my on-line book will disappear….

Oh my, this will be a long list. Maybe the last thing I should do on-line is search for a local addiction recovery centre. Because I think I’m hooked on the internet. How close is that electrical storm?



  1. Hi Helen, Great post – what an awful thought, no more Internet. How would we all cope?

    Good luck on the contest – it would be wonderful to go to NY for the BlogHer conf.

    • Thanks Lesley! Agree that losing the internet would be an awful thing…it’s like a vehicle to get somewhere and we all hate when vehicles break down don’t we?

  2. Good luck with the BlogHer’10 Contest!

    • Thanks Samantha – not much longer til the big decision is made! Not sure which part of the prize I would enjoy most….the trip to NYC would be great but one year of being paid to blog would be excellent!

  3. An update to the BlogHer Contest – argh, I didn’t make the short list of ten. But here is a link to the great entries that did And I did get a consolation prize of a set of labels so I’m happy anyway. Congrats to the short list bloggers!

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