Posted by: hepowers | March 27, 2010

Can’t See the Forest for the Trees?

Photo by dan at

Here’s something I’ve often felt guilty about. As the renovator of three old homes, we’ve done our share of tearing out the old and putting in some new.  Doing a lot of the work ourselves has provided control over what goes to landfill and what gets recycled, but responsibly sourcing new material has sometimes been challenging.

In case you’ve had the same dilemma, here is information about Canada’s Forest Stewardship Council, ‘an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit organization established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests.’

FSC manages a certification process which guarantees that ‘products come from responsible sources that support the conservation of forests and wildlife and helps people lead better lives.’  Sounds pretty good all round doesn’t it?  Their website lists where you can find FSC products whether it be from retailers, distributors, sawmills or manufacturers.  You can also search for FSC paper products by type of paper or find a list of manufacturers by product type.

The website’s News and Events page has links to media coverage, a sign-up for their newsletter, views on issues the agency is vocal about and the latest on canuhome, ‘a traveling exhibit that brings together a unique partnership in an innovative effort to stimulate sustainable healthy affordable housing across the private, commercial, educational and public housing sectors.’ 

There is a lot of information here to explain how to see the forest – after you’ve used some trees.


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