Posted by: hepowers | April 2, 2010

Keeping Electronics out of Landfills

Graphic by Eagleturtle Creative

In my basement, there are several large containers of electronic equipment that I’m told should not be thrown out. They are the materials for a future project to create something new which presumably I will also not be allowed to throw out.  It’s been a few years now and I could really use that space, which is why a newspaper ad from the Ontario Electronic Stewardship caught my eye today.

The OES partners with an organization called Do What You Can to facilitate the recycling of electronic equipment from mouses, cell phones, pagers and cameras to computers, radios, turntables and speakers.  Check OES’s list of designated materials to see what you can get rid of from your house or office.

Do What You Can also deals with household hazardous and special waste.  DWYC continuously updates their list of drop-off sites which can be searched by community, postal code or material type.  Drop-off sites include those run by regional and local municipalities, not-for-profits, retail stores and special depot locations or events.  Here’s a link to the OES page with the most up-to-date list by community.

So, it would be really easy for me to gain some basement space wouldn’t it? Although, then I’m not sure what would happen to my boxes of old stuff. Sigh.


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