Posted by: hepowers | January 25, 2011

Great Elephant Poo Poo Paper Company

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Well, I’m starting the new year off on a different footing – I’ve never written about animal dung before. My advance apologies to anyone offended by this unusual topic!

Last week a colleague joined me on a road trip to check out promotional items from a company new to us.  There were some really interesting and different items – including journals of hand-made paper that could be printed with logos.  Turning over the journal to check out the source, I was surprised to see ‘Poo Poo Paper – made from 100% recycled and odorless products made from poo!’ Oh my!

The Great Elephant Poo Poo Paper Company has been selling their naturally sourced products since 2002. Their website admits to having a high price tag on earlier products but they spent years refining their processes in order to reduce the cost to consumers.

It might make you feel better to know that the first production step is rinsing the dung so only the fibrous materials (grasses, bamboo, fruits) are used for processing. You can check out the whole process here. And if elephants aren’t your thing, the company has expanded to include products made from cow, horse and panda dung.

The products look great and are very professionally designed and produced. If you have individual, corporate or fund-raising opportunities to use paper products with low environmental impact, you might want to check out their goods.





  1. This is very impressive! These are the type of companies that should receive extensive support from significant corporations in order to not only sustain our present generation, but also to help (explode) economic and ecological resources that don’t compromise the quality of life of future generations. I’ll post this article in my Facebook and Twitter accounts because I personally think everyone should know about these substantial approaches.

    • Thanks Johan – it is certainly an original idea isn’t it? It’s an inspiring example of creativity meeting sustainability.

  2. Great line of products! Not only are they environmentally-friendly, they look professional too. Perfect for any fundraising initiative, corporate or non-profit. Thanks Helen for writing about this weird topic which is helping to reduce the global footprint!

  3. Agreed Rosita – it’s great to find products that do triple duty; attractive, useful and socially responsible. Thanks for visiting!

  4. Great post! What an interesting way to help the environment. Thanks for the info here!

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