Hi, I’m Helen Powers, a communications consultant in Hamilton, Ontario.  I began this blog in September 2009 as part of a social media course for my Public Relations Management Diploma.  The course finished at Christmas 2009 but I have enjoyed the research and writing so the posts will continue as a way to increase my knowledge of social responsibility initiatives and programs.

This site looks within and beyond the corporate world, stretching the traditional definition of corporate social responsibility.  I believe these initiatives take place within communities that are defined by work, school, neighbourhood or other parameters.  For me, the best examples contribute to a community’s quality of life – including social, economical or environmental factors – locally or beyond.

Generally, I am offering information to those who may be looking for inspiration or ideas to implement.  My commentary will usually lean to the positive because some level of commitment to social responsibility is better than none.

I welcome comments and feedback and especially suggestions for other sources of information.  I would appreciate the use of respectful language even when you don’t agree with me!

Thank you for visiting.  You can also find me on LinkedIn and Twitter.



  1. Hi Helen. Love the blog. Respect any effort that enhances the relationship between social responsibility and business.

    • Thanks Jennifer – I’m glad you enjoyed your visit!

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